Smack Talk Showdown

How to Play


When a round starts, two people are Wrestlers and a third person is the Producer. Everyone else is the Audience. Each Wrestler draws one Name card from each of the two Name card decks. This is their wrestling persona.

The Producer then draws a Segment card from the Segment card deck. This tells the Wrestlers where they are and what they are fighting about.

The Producer then draws three Smack cards from the Smack card deck to play on either Wrestler during their promo. Each Wrestler draws one Smack card to use in the same way. These cards dictate the action and can be played on either Wrestler during their promos.

Each Wrestler has 45 seconds to cut their promo. After which, the Audience votes for the victor. If only three people are playing, the Producer decides.

Will you reign supreme as the Sultan of Smack?